Finding Felicity

I say without any cliche, happiness is the key to life. You may have heard it before, but has anyone really taken the time to dissect the power behind that statement? I think ‘happy’ is an overused word and unfortunately its meaning has dwindled over time. But happiness is something that everyone on this Earth can achieve – rich or poor. It is a primal emotion that can be understood by all cultures and through all languages.

But what is it that make YOU happy – truly happy? Really try to decipher the things, the people, and the notions that release that emotion for you. Whatever those things may be, just know that you, and only you, are the driving force that can bring forth that feeling of happiness. In order to achieve it, you will encounter hardship and negativity along the way but there is no reward without some risk. You will have to face fear head on and know deep down that you will come out on top. Isn’t the idea of true happiness enough motivation to make you keep going?

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