On the Architect's Table

Freelance Designer

Revit Drafting

Drafting predominately in Revit, I am available to draft marketing plans for businesses and companies who are in need of presentation drawings. I have the expertise to draw as-built plans, site development maps, and renderings. These types of drawings give clients a better representation of what the final outcome of the project.

UniMedia Photographer

LoSo News

The aspect of photography that captivates me is the power to control what is captured in time. Being behind the lens gives the operator the opportunity to selectively choose how the scene is perceived. This 'lens' or approach to photography in conjunction with a fervor for writing, made the decision easy to write stories for LowCountry Source.

Italian Translator

Impossible Naples Project

After meeting Marco Maraviglia in Napoli and being introduced to the Impossible Naples Project, the world's largest M.C. Escher-inspired panoramic image of Naples, my sense of wonder was triggered. Playing on my interests of photography and my family background, I took on the role of translator for the project.